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Saturday, June 2, 2012


I recently curated a group art exhibit entitled, "LOCAL". The opening took place at CATM Chelsea. It featured myself and a bunch of my friends. The idea behind it was simple, to provide a perspective of New York City through the eyes of natives. Thanks to everyone that contributed, all of the effort made for a great opening. Stayed tuned for the next show. Pictures courtesy of Jungle Gym Magazine & Adil Dara Kim.


CATM CHELSEA and Fund Art Now are proud to present LOCAL
          "New York City has always been a multi-conglomerated place of destination. It is in New York City where creativity flourishes as a fountain-source of clashing ideas and opposition. It is here where people of all backgrounds and nationalities come to live in a uniquely harmonized energy flow.  New York City is not only the heart of such esoteric community, but a true Copernican ideology. 

          The laypeople that work and knead the creative flow within New York are akin to bricklayers, building unknown structures for future purposes.  They not only build for the sake of building, but for the sake of civilization itself. 
          Drawing from the vastness of NYC, as if from the sea that runs along its shores, LOCAL has drawn on its native talent.  The members of LOCAL can be seen as a gathering of elements from the reign of the New York skyline,  forming a perfectly balanced reflecting pool that echoes of social change. These very members not only instill thought and discussion through their various forms of self-expression , but have also established themselves as the movers and shakers that make New York City’s luster vibrant. They affectively change the face of NYC daily as well as the very air we breathe.  

          LOCAL debuts with artists Beau, Micah Belamarich, Salehe Bembury, Angie Chavez, Nicholas Hunt, Vashtie Kola, Kunle Martins, Jessica Murphy, Ian Nettleton, Victor Roman, Gordon Stevenson and Scott Williams.  All live, breathe and exalt everything New York. CATM CHELSEA welcomes the first of what will be many “LOCAL” events focusing on what makes New York City hot and heavy."

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